Captain Morgan

Rum news: Diageo has stopped all advertising on Snapchat as a result of the ruling

ASA bans Captain Morgan Snapchat filter

By James Beeson

Diageo Great Britain has been banned from producing a Snapchat lens advertising its Captain Morgan rum brand, after the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruled that the filter could appeal to under-18s.

Big rum marketing spend


Diageo to pump £4.6m into Captain Morgan campaign

By Nicholas Robinson

Diageo-owned rum brand Captain Morgan will be at the centre of a £4.6m marketing campaign to strengthen the growing portfolio, which saw the recent addition of white rum.

The ASA said the post implied that the Captain had 'sought alcohol to improve his mood'

ASA rules against Captain Morgan facebook post

By Ellie Bothwell

A picture posted on Captain Morgan’s Facebook page has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Agency’s (ASA) code for implying that drinking alcohol can help overcome boredom and change someone’s mood.

Aiming high: Jillian MacLean wanted  to be her own boss  by the age of 30

The Big Interview: Jillian MacLean, Drake & Morgan

By Phil Mellows

It was when she noticed women were buying more lipstick that Jillian MacLean made her move. MacLean, as she admits, was, at 43, a late starter as an entrepreneur. But that meant she’d been around long enough to know that troubled times are good for lipstick...

Captain Morgan: kick-starting Diageo push to become number one rum company

Diageo aims to take on Bacardi

By Robyn Black

Diageo has announced its intention to take on Bacardi to become the number one rum company in the world by 2015. The owner of rum brands Captain...

Captain Morgan: £7m rebrand

Morgan's Spiced gets promoted to Captain

By Robyn Black

A £7m rebrand for Diageo-owned Morgan's Spiced will see it renamed Captain Morgan's Spiced, sporting a new look and supported with an on-trade...

Captain Morgan: more 'rugged' design

Captain Morgan's rugged look

By Robyn Black

Gold coins and crossed swords form part of the new pack design for the more "rugged" Captain Morgan. The launch of the new pack, which emphasises...



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