Common Law

Unlawful occupation: Advice for pubs over squatters. (Image: Google Maps)

What can publicans do if squatters come calling?

By Fred A'Court

What can a pub do if travellers or squatters simply turn up and camp outside the premises? Any unlawful occupation can be distressing and stressful, but under common law the land owner has a right to evict people to regain possession.

Mulholland (L) with CAMRA's Jonathan Mail: time for Government backed industry regulation

Mulholland: pubcos set to fail 'probation'

By Ewan Turney

Pubco probation is at an end and they must now face a legally binding code of practice to rebalance the tenant-pubco relationship for good — that's...

Marston's: finder's fees paid out

Marston's finders' fees

By The PMA Team

Marston's has so far paid more than £200,000 in finder's fees to property agents, as it scours the UK for the best new-build sites. The company has...

Coulson: licensees can refuse unreasonable demands

Free tap water — at a price

By Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson discusses details of the new requirement to provide free tap water to customers.

Wetherspoon's in new legal battle

Wetherspoon's in new legal battle

J D Wetherspoon's legal battle with its former property agent Van de Berg has taken a new twist. Earlier this year JDW issued a claim against Van de...