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Power of four: new low-alcohol beers on the market

Four low-alcohol beers for January

By Nicholas Robinson

Beer distributor Euroboozer has pulled four new low-alcohol beers into its portfolio in time for Christmas and Dry January.

What is it? experts try to define craft

Can we define craft?

By Nicholas Robinson

The word 'craft' is bandied around so often it’s hard to know what is and what is not craft. Harder still is the fact few, the drinks industry in particular, work towards a standard when defining something as craft.

Beer in abundance: Great American Beer Festival (image: ©Brewers Association)


6 hot American craft beer trends

By Lotte Peplow

The US is a hive of craft beer activity, with a market that has significantly more going on than the UK’s. In this special feature, Britain-based beer sommelier, writer and judge Lotte Peplow reports on the latest trends from the Great American Beer Festival...

Creating a real buzz: Hiver launches in cans

Honey beer Hiver launches in cans

By Nicholas Robinson

Specialist brewer Hiver has launched its original Honey Blonde and its Honey IPA in cans, with further plans to launch seasonal variants in the works.

Landing in London: two airlines will offer more than 200 craft beers from the US at a special pop-up pub

Airlines to host American-themed craft pop-up

By Emily Hawkins

A pop-up pub showcasing hundreds of US craft beers will open this month in the latest marketing ploy by two airlines to attract UK tourists to cross The Pond.

Crafty? Frontier moves to premium lager message

In association with Fuller’s

Fuller’s moves Frontier away from ‘craft’

By Nicholas Robinson

It is odd, these days, to hear of a brewer that is keen to shift the definition of its brand away from the turbulent ‘craft’ moniker and into another. But this is, surprisingly, the case for one brewer and its five-year-old lager.