Czech Republic

Bailey: missed out on global title

'Pub trade needs more career-driven staff'

By Lesley Foottit

The pub trade needs more career-driven staff if it is to be taken more seriously — that's the view of the UK Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender.

Protz: not a fan of the attitude of global brewers

Czech change is no small beer

By Roger Protz

Two massive brewers plan to sell off or close breweries in the Czech Republic, says Roger Protz.

Jennings: pub is a carer

Pubs provide escape to another world

By Tony Jennings

Has anybody ever thought of the doorway to a pub as being a kind of "star gate", entry to another dimension, asks Tony Jennings.

Protz: in favour of Budvar move

My glass is half and half full

By Roger Protz

Czech brewer Budvar has introduced a new beer to London. It's a blend of two styles, reminiscent of intriguing 1960s beer mixes, says Roger Protz.