Dave Daly

Paul Naylor (L) presents Dave Daly with his gold medal

Daly picks up Gold Badge honour

By Michelle Perrett

Dave Daly, manager of the Castle in Blackpool, has received the Gold Badge award from trade union Unite for his work as a shop steward for 34 years....

Men: a good pint will do

Men in pubs: keep it simple

By Tony Halstead

A pint of ale, a packet of crisps and some peace and quiet are still what men desire most in a pub, says Tony Halstead.

Drunks: police probe sales in pubs

Union slates undercover cops in pubs

By John Harrington

Licensees Unite's concerns follows reports that police in some areas are to station themselves in bars over the festive period.

Drinking kids let off

Drinking kids let off

By John Harrington john.harrington@william-reed.co.u

Just 41 children across England and Wales were given instant fines for underage drinking on licensed premises in 2005, according to Government...