David Cameron

'Is Cameron covering over the cracks of his health reform?' asks Phil Mellows

Binge Britain – Cameron sends in the tanks

By Phil Mellows

The words ‘drunk tank’ conjure up conflicting emotions for me. I think of Fairytale of New York and get all warm Christmassy feelings. Then I think of poor Kirsty MacColl, oh why did she have to die?

'All you need to do is ask', says Mark Daniels

A bit of courtesy goes a long way

By Mark Daniels

Last Saturday morning, before the snow came, I was sat in bed sipping a cup of tea and reading one of the nation’s most popular red tops when I came across an article about what makes people happy.

Cameron: sympathetic to council plans

Cameron may let councils ban cheap booze

By John Harrington

David Cameron has hinted that he may let councils set their own minimum price on alcohol as part of his "localism" agenda. He was speaking in...

Obama and Cameron: debated beer temperature

Obama and Cameron debate beer temperature

By Ewan Turney

Barack Obama has praised the Hobgoblin beer given to him by David Cameron as "excellent". The Prime Minister and US President swapped beers at the...