Drink Spiking

Ensuring customer safety: safeguarding schemes essential for the sector (Credit: Getty/Peter Cade)

Safeguarding schemes 'essential' for hospitality

By Rebecca Weller

Schemes such as ‘Ask for Angela’ are essential in helping hospitality venues ensure the safety of customers, especially women or those considered vulnerable, amid “increasingly common” risk of drink spiking and violence, according to independent London...

Pubs can't tackle drink spiking alone: BBPA shares support for Home Affairs Committee's report (Pictured: BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin)

Pubs can't tackle drink spiking issue alone

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs work hard to keep their customers safe, but cannot overcome the issue of drink spiking alone, the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has stated.

Home Affairs Committee report: incidents of drink spiking require better investigations (Credit: Getty/PeopleImages)

Drink spiking incidents need better investigations

By Rebecca Weller

Incidents of drink spiking require better investigations and new strategies to reduce the number of occurrences, according to a report published today (Tuesday 26 April) by the Home Affairs Committee.

Keep safe: pubs and bars will be offering free drink drug testing kits

Pilot drug testing scheme at pubs

By Georgina Townshend

Following on from the highly successful ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, 10 pubs and bars have joined the #notinmydrink campaign to raise awareness of drink spiking - and will be able to test drinks for the presence of drugs.

Spikeys: Prevent drink spiking

Police offer drink spiking help

By Ewan Turney

Police in Bamber Bridge, Lancashire are supplying pubs and off-licences with devices aimed at preventing drink spiking. The device, called Spikey, is...