Party people: WKD drinks are seen as part of the festival scene

Ready-to-drink: ready to develop?

By Nikkie Sutton

The ready-to-drink category has struggled in recent years but is moving in the right direction. The big question now is whether the segment will ever return to the heights it achieved in the 1990s. 

Proper cocktails: Diageo's Timpson explains why spirits need serving correctly

In association with Diageo

There’s no excuse for a bad cocktail

By Nicholas Robinson

Cocktail making is a skilled profession, anyone who says otherwise is a fool. It is theatre, art and a craft that can be taught. Poorly-trained staff are an embarrassment and detrimental to business, but that needn’t be the case

Top 10 hangover cures ranked by drinkers


Top 10 hangover cures ranked by drinkers

By Oli Gross

Top hangover cures have been ranked following research into the preferences of drinkers, but sadly for licensees ‘hair of the dog’ came only seventh on the list.

Draconian alcohol limits unachievable


Draconian alcohol limits unachievable

By Andrew Griffiths MP

I was surprised to learn that my Auntie Irene was a problem drinker. When she died, well into her 80s, I am sure all the ladies who knew her from the local WI would be shocked.

Young 'ginthusiasts' drive spirits growth


Young 'ginthusiasts' drive spirits growth

By Ben Winstanley

Younger consumers are the most likely to drink gin and are driving sales to an all-time high, according to new research from Mintel's Gin Report.

Annabel Smith (centre):


One in six beer purchases made by women

By Emily Sutherland

Research from drinks giant Ab InBev has revealed women over 25 now make up one in six of all beer purchases, the highest in five years.