Drinking Culture

Underage drinking and the demonisation of alcohol

Underage drinking and the demonisation of alcohol

By James Anderson

I wanted to write a piece about underage drinking and I should say at the outset that these views are my own and they will be controversial, but I do believe that debate is good and vive la difference! writes James Anderson, partner.

Pre-loading: many young people are approaching a night out differently by drinking more before leaving home

Minimum pricing: will damage limitation work?

By Poppleston Allen

There has been much recent publicity concerning difficulties the UK on-trade is experiencing in competing in a marketplace where most alcohol sold is now consumed at home.

Jeremy Browne expresses alcohol minimum pricing plan worries

Home Office minister expresses alcohol minimum pricing doubts

By Mark Wingett

Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan for a minimum price of 45p a unit for alcohol suffered an embarrassing blow when it emerged that the Minister responsible for alcohol and crime prevention thinks it is wrong, unfair and won’t work, according to the...