Drinks Promotions

Licensing conditions: as students return, ensure you know the rules

Top tips: beware of drinks promotions

By Poppleston Allen

September is here and the students are back. There will naturally be an increase in posters and flyers as well as social media advertisements for operators publicising promotions at their venues.

How to deal with drunken punters

Legal Advice

How to deal with drunken punters

By Poppleston Allen

A previous article discussed the issue of drunkenness, following a couple of high-profile cases which brought this issue to the forefront.

Happy Hour: study called for action on pricing

Study: Happy Hours fuel violence

By Graham Ridout

Outbreaks of violence and happy hour drinks promotions have been inextricably linked, according to a study by Cardiff University. The study...

Drinks promos: banned at University of Bath

Uni bans pubs' drinks promos on campus

By Lesley Foottit

One university has banned pubs and bars from advertising their drinks promotions at this year's freshers' fair. Bath University Student Union has...

Supermarkets: pile it high, sell it cheap

Oldham gets tough on supermarket booze

By Tony Halstead

Supermarkets which sell alcohol for less than 50p per unit face licence reviews and a range of trading restrictions in plans being drawn up by Oldham council.

Five Oldham pubs have agreed not to run promotions

Oldham pubs sign away promo rights

By Tony Halstead

Five Oldham pubs have agreed to controversial restrictions on drinks promotions proposed by the town's trading standards. The MA understands five of...

Pubs would have to pay for police during promotions

Oldham hits all its bars with reviews

By John Harrington

Trading standards have ordered licence reviews of all 22 pubs and clubs in central Oldham to force draconian restrictions on trading — including...

Police want and end to all-inclusive deals

Police push for end to all-in drink deals

By John Harrington

Staffordshire Police have urged bars not to run drinks promotions that break a voluntary code on deals, which was withdrawn last year. This follows...

Report blames cheap promotions in pubs and cut-price supermarket deals

MPs: Ban all drinks promotions

By John Harrington

An influential group of MPs has urged a ban on drinks promotions in pubs, plus minimum pricing and an end to loss-leading alcohol sales in shops. The...