Drug Addiction

Hints and tips on tackling the threat drugs pose to your business - picture credit: Thinkstock

Practise due diligence on drugs

By Poppleston Allen

Customers taking or dealing drugs in your premises represent more of a threat to your business than just reputational or the potential for crime and disorder.

'Tis the season to party - sensibly

Legal advice

'Tis the season to party - sensibly

By Poppleston Allen

The busiest time of the year for the pub trade is fast approaching and no doubt you have spent the past few weeks (or maybe months) planning your Christmas trading.

Derbyshire police have been cracking down on drug use

Derbyshire police defend pub drugs crackdown

By Naomi Larsson

A police crackdown on drug use in Derbyshire pubs before Christmas took place because of “anecdotal evidence” that customers might mix alcohol with drugs on a night out.

Drugs: Do you know the law?

Legal advice: Dealing with drugs

By Poppleston Allen

Drugs can be an issue in a variety of licensed premises and with the plethora of current licensing requirements, record keeping and business responsibilities it is one that may easily be overlooked.

Alcohol Concern anti-alcohol drug

Just how impartial is Alcohol Concern?

By Robyn Black

Alcohol Concern has been vocal in its praise for new £3 wonder drug, nalmefene (also known as Selincro) by Lundbeck, which could be used to treat people with “mild” drinking problems on the NHS.


Why bringing on a sub won't change the drinking game

By Phil Mellows

Professor David Nutt knows an opportunity when he sees one. Ever since he won the John Maddox Prize last week for 'standing up for science' he's been plugging his patent alcohol substitute again, trying to get funding to go into commercial...

Study ranks drinking alcohol as most harmful

Study: alcohol more harmful than heroin

By Ewan Turney

Drinking alcohol is more harmful than taking drugs like heroin or crack, according to a study published in medical journal The Lancet. The report,...

Legal highs will be automatically banned

Pub trade welcomes 'legal high' ban

By Lesley Foottit

The pub trade has cautiously welcomed a move by the Home Office to temporarily ban all new legal highs. The late-night sector has been hit by a...

Mephedrone: illegalised from Friday

Mephedrone will be banned this week

By Lesley Foottit

Pub and club goers' favourite "legal high" drug mephedrone will be banned later this week, the Government has confirmed. Mephedrone, sold as plant...

Mephedrone: use becoming more widespread

Mephedrone user barred from Hereford pub

By Lesley Foottit

A Hereford licensee was forced to throw out and bar a customer after he was caught using new "legal high" drug Mephedrone or "Meow". The Litten Tree...

Mephedrone: new drug favourite is banned in Aberdeen venues

Aberdeen pubs ban mephedrone drug

By Lesley Foottit

Legal high drug mephedrone, sold as plant food, has been banned in Aberdeen pubs and clubs by 23 venues.

Mephedrone: new drug favourite

Pubs on guard for Mephedrone users

By Lesley Foottit

Use of legal drug Mephedrone drug is now widespread across pub and club-goers, according to a new survey. One in three readers of Mixmag magazine...

Martin Linton has called for higher taxes on products like Carlsberg Special Brew

MPs call for higher tax on 6% abv lager

By Lesley Foottit

Tax on beers and ciders over 6% abv could increase after homelessness charity Thames Reach's campaign attracted MP support. Labour MP for Battersea...

Speedball: subject to Portman ban

Portman steps up battle with BrewDog

By Ewan Turney

The war of words between the Portman Group and BrewDog has stepped up a gear after the industry watchdog banned its Speedball beer.

Bar owner praised in drug fight

Bar owner praised in drug fight

A Lincolnshire bar owner has been praised for helping police fight drug use by allowing his customers and his bar to be swabbed for drugs.