Duty Escalator


The duty regime is stacked against beer innovation

By Rob Willock

The PMA’s Beer Innovation Summit took place at St George’s Park in Burton-on-Trent (the new home of England football) last week, and attracted an audience of nearly 200 delegates, keen to hear about the ‘next big thing’ in beer.

Beer sales dropped again in the last three months of 2012

The Treasury is killing the pub trade golden goose

By Publican Sam

So beer consumption is down yet again, with the BBPA reporting that 138 million less pints were consumed in the last quarter of 2012 than the same period in 2011. Pub trade consultant Publican Sam considers the implications.


Media support of beer duty campaign is reason for optimism

By John harrington

At times, campaigning against the beer-duty escalator has felt like pushing a beer keg uphill. Politicians and the national media have long paid lip service to the importance of pubs and breweries and the impact of taxes, but in truth there’s been little...


Beer duty escalator petition finally crosses the finish line

By Rob Willock

Phew — we’re finally there (or thereabouts)! Getting 100,000 signatures on the petition against the alcohol duty escalator was somewhat harder than we thought it would be when Marston’s Wychwood brewery first pitched the idea to us at the start of the...

Pete Brown:

The beer-duty escalator: my final thoughts

By Pete Brown

This is going to be my last column on the duty escalator for a little while. It’s not that the issue is going away — far from it. I just don’t want to turn into one of those zealots you start trying to avoid.

Budget 2012: Pub industry condemns beer duty rise

Budget 2012: Pub industry condemns beer duty rise

By Adam Pescod

Pub companies and trade groups have expressed their dismay at the Chancellor’s decision to maintain the alcohol duty escalator in the 2012 budget, which has resulted in a 5% rise in duty - to come into force at midnight on Sunday.

Get involved: it's time to take action against the beer-duty escalator, says Pete Brown

Sign here. Now. To save pubs

By Pete Brown

Among the many strengths and weaknesses we have in this industry, one thing we’re absolutely brilliant at is moaning. We’re world-class moaners. Every week, the pages of this magazine are full of people complaining about stuff.

Budget: price of a pint will go up

Licensees fear a Budget duty blow

By Graham Ridout

Leading licensees are not holding out hope for a duty reprieve in next week's Budget, despite pleas from the trade to abandon the duty escalator....