Duty Hikes

Industry threat: any plans to raise duty could impact alcohol sales

Booze sales could be damaged with duty freeze cut

By Nicholas Robinson

Scrapping the alcohol duty freeze put in place last year by Government is “counter-productive”, and will increase pressure on cash-strapped consumers, the Wine & Spirit Trade Association has warned (WSTA).

How much? Government raking in record amounts on alcohol duty

Government making a mint from your booze sales

By Nicholas Robinson

The Treasury is continuing to make a mint from UK booze sales, despite a freeze on alcohol duty in November, showing the sector can remain fruitful without another hike.


Media support of beer duty campaign is reason for optimism

By John harrington

At times, campaigning against the beer-duty escalator has felt like pushing a beer keg uphill. Politicians and the national media have long paid lip service to the importance of pubs and breweries and the impact of taxes, but in truth there’s been little...

Bish: Government needs to rethink duty policy

ALMR: closed pubs can't pay taxes

By Ewan Turney

The Government could be £217m worse off because its inflation busting duty hikes have shut so many pubs. The warning comes from the Association of...