Dogs: can get a special bagel

US bars offer innovative promos

By Ewan Turney

Take-out meals for free, courses for the dog and starters served as main course are just some of the promos being used in the USA.

Sainsbury's meal deal offer means less trade for pubs and restaurants

Supermarket meal deals snatch eat-out trade

By Ewan Turney

Supermarkets are now snatching food trade away from pubs and restaurants with their range of meal deals, according to new research. Supermarket deals...

Spirit targets families.

Spirit targets families

By Gemma McKenna

Spirit Group has launched a new promotion to attract families to its pubs.

Consumers ate out less in run-up to Christmas

Average pub meal spend down 8.6%

By Ewan Turney

The average spend per head on pub meals dropped 8.6% on last year to £13.42 in the run-up to Christmas — a level not seen since December 2003 —...

Breakfast boom at takeaways...not pubs

Breakfast boom at takeaways...not pubs

By John Harrington

Sales of breakfasts remain static at pubs and restaurants but are booming at fast food outlets, according to a new report. This shows customers are...

Serving breakfast is helping pubs attract more customers

Restaurants must follow pubs to survive

By Ewan Turney

A market analyst has urged the restaurant sector to follow the example set by pubs if they are to avoid the credit crunch. Peter Backman of Horizons...

Top tables

Top tables

Our regular focus where licensees give tips on customer service. What should you do when customers bring along their own food and drink for their...