Employment Appeal Tribunal

Romance in the pub workplace can be tricky for business

How to deal with workplace relationships

By Andrew Don

Staff affairs can have undesirable results, especially if love hits the rocks and trade and morale suffer, so it is wise to take a stance on romance says Andrew Don

Legal entitlements: contracted staff in pubs are eligible for all the usual rights that flow from being employed

Employment: a thorny issue

By Poppleston Allen

You may have seen the news articles about a former lap dancer and her claim against Stringfellows for unfair dismissal. The matter began in April 2012 when an employment tribunal decided she could not bring the claim as she was not an employee.

Staff entitled to just one break

Staff entitled to just one break

By John Harrington

Pub staff are entitled to just one 20-minute break per shift, regardless of how long they work above six hours. That's the impact of a new ruling...