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Bar staff insider: manners have gone out of the window

Bar staff insider: manners have gone out of the window

By Bar staff insider

Why is it that usually nice, genial, friendly people turn into the devil’s spawn once they have a few drinks inside them? By day, they are pleasant, easy-going, lovely people. yet as the sun sets, the monsters emerge.

Top dog: Whitby has risen to the top in fewer than five years

In association with Diageo

NWTC's Nick Whitby reveals secrets to success

By Nicholas Robinson

New World Trading Company's head of bars Nick Whitby reveals his secrets to rising to the top in one of the UK's most successful pub and bar companies.

Response: BT Sport has apologised to pubs

BT Sport

Mulholland responds to BT Sport's 'The Quiet Pub Guide' letter

By Nikkie Sutton

The British Pub Confederation (BPC) and Save the Pub group chairman Greg Mulholland has written to Delia Bushell, managing director of BT TV and Sport, to complain about the ‘Quiet Pub Guide’ letter that has gone out to pubs nationwide.

Tonight is the night: the 'pub oscars' are upon us

Pub awards

The Great British Pub Awards are here

By Nikkie Sutton

There are now no more sleeps until the Best of British-themed Great British Pub Awards and the excitement is at breaking point.

The Botanist Newcastle general manager Andrew Shiel-Redfern

Great British Pub Awards

Pub Awards: Best Managed Winner - The Botanist, Newcastle


Since opening on the top floor of Monument Mall in Newcastle town centre, New World Trading Company’s the Botanist has gone from strength to strength, taking upwards of £6m in its first year and delivering up to 3,000 covers a week.