Fake Id

Identification: the Gov't campaign on curbing fake ID use

Guidance on pub ID seizures

By John Harrington

Essex police have issued guidance for pubs on seizing ID that's used fraudulently to try to buy alcohol underage. It comes amid growing confusion...

Teenagers are buying fake ID cards online, survey claims

One in five use fake ID

By Martyn Leek, M&C Report

One in five teenagers have purchased fake ID over the internet in a bid to buy alcohol, a new survey has claimed.

Fake ID: causes problems for licensees

Couple jailed for running fake ID factory

By John Harrington

A couple have been jailed for running a "factory" producing fake ID used by youngsters to buy alcohol, in a landmark prosecution. Adrian Holmes and...

Under-18s using fake ID cards such as this may face arrest by police

Police to arrest fake ID users

By Ewan Turney

Police in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire have warned they will arrest teenagers using fake or false ID to gain access to pubs and clubs. The move will be...

Faking It

Faking It

Last month industry watchdog the Portman Group announced that it would stop distributing its own proof-of-age cards.It cited falling demand as the...

John Harrington's fake ID

MA shows ease of obtaining fake IDs

By John Harrington

An MA investigation has shown how easy it is to order realistic-looking fake ID from the internet. Last week trade leaders hit out at the fake ID...

Fake ID youths locked in pub

Fake ID youths locked in pub

By Tony Halstead

A licensee locked more than 20 teenagers in the downstairs bar of his pub and telephoned police after suspecting the youngsters were carrying fake ID...