Hot dish: fish can be cooked straight from frozen

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Why frozen fish could be the new 'fresh'

By Nicholas Robinson

Working with frozen fish and seafood could help pub chefs meet growing consumer demand for a greater variety of fish dishes, be more creative and cut wastage, they just need to cast aside preconceptions first, finds The Morning Advertiser.

How big is fish on your menu?


How to get your fish dishes right

By Michelle Perrett

The British public may be more than a little conservative when preparing their own food, but it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to eating out. As Michelle Perrett discovers, consumers of food in pubs are increasingly adventurous, with fish...

A chip off the old block: fish sustainability is increasingly on the forefront of operators' minds

Menu focus

Focus on fish & chips: frying Nemo

By Daniel Woolfson

Besides dedicated chippies, pubs are the go-to outlet for customers on the lookout for a classic fish supper and consumers can’t get enough. 

Pub operators are experimenting with unusual seafood bar snacks

Trend Watch

Trend Watch – Seafood Bar Snacks

By Elliot Kuruvita

No longer considered food for the brave, seafood is often seen by customers as a chance to experiment with taste and aesthetics - meaning pub caterers have the chance to get creative with their menus.

The manager at Yorkshire pub the Fleece Inn believes cold water prawns deliver a superior taste

Menu Ideas

Seafood menu ideas

By Sheila McWattie

Sheila McWattie looks at event and promotional ideas for driving seafood sales at your pub

The future of surf n turf from the iASC

New Products

New Irish shellfish butter launched

By Elliot Kuruvita

A new Irish culinary butter, prepared using organic shellfish sourced from the Atlantic waters of West Cork, has been launched into the catering market.