Fish And Chips

Chipgate: what is the perfect portion?

How many chips make the perfect portion?

By Michelle Perrett

The issue of chip portion sizes made the headlines this week when Greene King was forced to apologise to a customer who received only six chips with her fish and chip meal.

How can you freshen up your fish offer?


10 things pubs need to know about fish

By Nicholas Robinson

Who knew fish and other seafood dishes in pubs were more popular than the humble Sunday roast? Well, they are and it's a rising trend too – as more customers look to try new and exciting flavours.

Pete Edge hopes the approach will benefit the pub and local businesses

Food trends

Licensee tells shocked customers 'bring your own food'

By Emily Sutherland

Food is increasingly big business for pubs - but one Norfolk licensee has flown in the face of standard advice and told customers to ‘bring their own food’ when they come in for a pint.

Focus on chips: fry hard

Menu focus

Focus on chips: fry hard

By Noli Dinkovski

Noli Dinkovski looks at ways to cash in on the nation's favourite starchy snack.

A chip off the old block: fish sustainability is increasingly on the forefront of operators' minds

Menu focus

Focus on fish & chips: frying Nemo

By Daniel Woolfson

Besides dedicated chippies, pubs are the go-to outlet for customers on the lookout for a classic fish supper and consumers can’t get enough. 

The Galleon: The Shepherd Neame pub has the authentic air of a chip shop

Trend Watch

Fish counters: An ocean of opportunity

By Noli Dinkovski

For pubs eager to diversify and add vital revenue streams, fish counters can be an effective way of boosting sales and getting customers to stay for longer.