Food Fraud

Food crime: experts have said tackling food fraud is very important

We're at risk of another horsemeat scandal

By Nikkie Sutton

Unless every part of the food chain remains vigilant, the UK food industry is at risk of another horsemeat scandal, a top expert has warned.

How to avoid food fraud in pubs

Food Safety

PODCAST: How to avoid food fraud in your pub

By Nicholas Robinson

Paying closer attention to your staff’s working history, especially before hiring them, could help prevent a catastrophic incident of food fraud in your pub, a leading food safety advisor has advised.

Food crime and fraud will affect pubs, say experts

Food Safety

Food fraud ‘very real danger to pubs’

By Nicholas Robinson

Food fraud and crime are very real and growing dangers to operators serving food, who should have strong preventative systems in place, a group of experts in the field have warned.

Counterfeit drinks: Are they poison?

Advice: counterfeit food and drink

By Andrew Don

An offer that is too good to be true usually is, says Andrew Don, who has investigated the scourge of counterfeit food and drinks.