Food Preservation

Money saving: frozen food can help operators cut costs (credit: eskymaks/iStock/

Frozen food: thawing profit opportunities

By Nikkie Sutton

The stigma around frozen food is melting and operators should look at the segment to cut their costs and still deliver a great quality meal. Nikkie Sutton reports.

Champions: the winners of the inaugural Chefs' Choice Awards

Chefs’ Choice Awards 2017 winners revealed

By Nicholas Robinson

Hundreds of foodservice suppliers battled it out to have their products named the best at the inaugural Chefs’ Choice Awards in London earlier this week.

Rimmer: dishes showcased at pop up

Gourmet frozen foods pop up restaurant

By Lesley Foottit

The world's first gourmet frozen food restaurant featuring the signature dishes of top chefs is "popping up" next month. N-Ice will showcase dishes...

Farmer's charms

Farmer's charms

They had been out of the business for years, took on a busy tenancy and said from day one that all public areas were non-smoking ­Bob Gledhill...

Safe food storage

Safe food storage

Storage is one of the most likely places for food contamination to occur - and environmental health officers will pay close attention to the way food...