Pest party: rodents were found in many pubs throughout last month

July's pub pest infestations

By Nikkie Sutton

July seemed to be a popular month for pests visiting pubs with a glut of food hygiene offences committed. 

Food crime: experts have said tackling food fraud is very important

We're at risk of another horsemeat scandal

By Nikkie Sutton

Unless every part of the food chain remains vigilant, the UK food industry is at risk of another horsemeat scandal, a top expert has warned.

Minced meat: pubs need to be aware of the rules around cooking burgers

Rare burgers are still a food safety focus

By Nikkie Sutton

As part of this year’s Food Safety Week (Monday 19 to Sunday 25 June), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will focus on safe barbecuing, including the thorough cooking of burgers.

Health risk: campylobacter can be avoided in chicken with a good food management system

How to avoid campylobacter in pub kitchens

By Nikkie Sutton

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has released guidance on reducing the risk of campylobacter after a survey revealed the levels of the food bug in chicken have declined.