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Lower calorie options: SHS Drinks reveals its further plans to captivate consumers


WKD shows its NKD side

By Nikkie Sutton

SHS Drinks’ brand WKD has launched two, new lower calorie flavours to its portfolio in a further bid to attract a younger market.

Banwell House on the acquisition trail

Banwell House on the acquisition trail

By Ruth Williams

Banwell House, the group led by former Greene King regional manager Toby Brett, is on the acquisition trail to add two or three freehold or free-of-tie pubs to its estate as well as adding letting rooms to existing sites for the first time.

Robinsons hopes to roll out its new tenancy agreements across its estate

Robinsons to trial flexible tenancy agreements

By John Harrington

Robinsons, the Cheshire-based brewer and pub operator, is to introduce a more flexible tenancy agreement this year, which it hopes to roll out across most of its estate, joint managing director William Robinson has said.

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