Pubs outdoor furniture gardens play areas

Top tips on outdoor furniture and equipment

By Sheila McWattie

Pubs must give their outdoor areas some attention if they are to pack in the punters over the coming months. Sheila McWattie looks at which companies are offering the very latest furniture and provides equipment tips for operators.


Pub Chef Opinion: How we created an outside-dining haven

By James Donoghue

We have a lovely little pub, so people tell me, but that’s part of the problem. The pub is small, with seating for about 45 people spread over three rooms, so if customers want to book a large party in one large space rather than be split up, we miss...

Sofa: not a good use of space

Pub furniture: sitting pretty

By Ian Boughton

Sofas have become de rigueur in pubs, but fixed furniture is a far more efficient use of space. Either way, comfort is key, says Ian Boughton. There...

Create that  inner space

Create that inner space

By Graham Ridout

With the smoking ban drawing near, attention isn't focused just on outside trading areas - hosts are also revamping and replacing interior furniture....