Gaymer Cider Company

Gaymers: added to C&C portfolio

C&C Group buys Gaymer Cider for £45m

By Ewan Turney

Magners producer C&C Group has acquired Gaymer Cider Company from Constellation Brands for £45m. The deal will be financed via a new £60m bank...

Blackthorn relaunch: a success, says Gaymers

Blackthorn relaunch declared a hit

By Robyn Lewis

The Gaymer Cider Company is declaring the relaunch of its Blackthorn brand to be a success. The cider was reformulated in March to make it less dry...

Gaymer: premium products re-launch

Gaymer pushes premium products

By Robyn Lewis

Two products from the Gaymer Cider Company are to be relaunched to further push their premium credentials. Gaymer's Orchard Reserve and Addlestones...

Blackthorn: backlash in south-west heartland

Gaymers disappointed by Blackthorn backlash

By Robyn Lewis

The Gaymer Cider company said it is "disappointed" by the backlash from Blackthorn drinkers in the brand's Bristol heartland who have slammed the...