Sexism beer pubs

Beer sexism: It’s spelled ale not male

By Jane Peyton

Sexist marketing in the beer and pub industry has to stop. Jane Peyton asks brewers to market beer at people, regardless of gender and pubs to refrain from stocking beers with sexist pump clips

Choices have to be fair across both genders

Choices have to be fair across both genders

By Jessica Mason

There’s been an industry conundrum for some time about how to broaden beer’s demographic (from predominantly male) to a more balanced audience of men and women.

The gender pay gap has remained at 18 per cent for the last two yers

Hospitality industry shamed over gender pay gap

By Sophie Witts

Women working in the hospitality and catering sector were on average paid 18 per cent less than their male co-workers in 2014, according to research from