Operator opinion: Dom Hope-Smith is the director and co-founder of Carnival Brewing Company in Liverpool shares his views on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's comments about cheaper beer prices (image: Colin Lane)


Sunak’s smoke and mirrors won’t bring down the cost of a pint

By Dom Hope-Smith, director and co-founder, Carnival Brewing Company

During a recent trip to Japan on his way to the G7 summit, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gave a press interview in which he was quoted as saying: “We reformed the alcohol duties that mean this summer you will be able to get cheaper beer in pubs. These are...

Diageo md reflects on first year in job

Big Interview

The undercover boss

By Ed Bedington

There won’t be many captains of industry that look to stay close to the coalface, but for one top boss, playing an undercover role behind the bar is key to understanding his business.

Stubbornly high: UKH chief executive Kate Nicholls (pictured) said vacancies in the sector were not reducing quickly enough

Vacancies remain 'stubbornly high'

By Rebecca Weller

Vacancies in the hospitality sector remain “stubbornly high” despite overall year-on-year decline, trade body UKHospitality (UKH) has stated.

Interest rate rise hitting pubs will not tackle inflation


Strangling hospitality demand not the solution to inflation

By Ed Bedington

The idea that raising interest rates to try to curb consumer spending in pubs, bars and restaurants is another slap in the face for a sector that seems to have become the whipping boys for the authorities.

Planning rights issue: CAMRA has warned many pubs could be lost for good (credit: getty/onfilm)

CAMRA calls on Gov to save high street pubs

By Gary Lloyd

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) believes the Government’s ‘Levelling Up’ bill could put the future of thousands of pubs at risk and has called for their planning rights to be protected.

Safe and responsible gambling: new white paper showed positive steps towards fairness (Credit: Getty/SolStock)

Gambling White Paper shows 'positive steps'

By Rebecca Weller

The white paper on gambling provides an “opportunity to improve” protection in pubs and demonstrated “positive steps” towards “fairness”, trade bodies from across the sector have stated.

Review and redesign: trade bodies welcome DRS delay (Credit: Getty/Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd)

Trade bodies 'welcome' DRS delay

By Rebecca Weller

The delay to the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Scotland has been welcomed by trade bodies across the sector.

Respite: pubs could see a 58% tax cut with updated rates (Credit: Getty/Richard Drury)

Pubs could save over £5k with new rates values

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs could save an average of more than £5,000 under the new commercial property values introduced on Saturday 1 April, data from real estate intelligence firm Altus Group has revealed.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 58


How important is tipping in pubs?

By Ed Bedington

The latest episode of the podcast saw the team look at service charge and tipping as a new bill goes through parliament.

Ludicrous: Bank of England boss warnings to avoid price increases 'impossible' (Credit: Getty/	DNY59)

Advice to avoid price increases 'ludicrous'

By Rebecca Weller

Trade bodies across the sector have hit out at the Bank of England (BoE) Governor's “ludicrous” and “impossible” suggestion that firms should “stomach” cost increases.

Fix the source: tackling main drivers of inflation would reduce need for interest rate increases (Credit: Getty/DNY59)

Rising costs leave firms with 'stark choices'

By Rebecca Weller

Tackling the main drivers of inflation and offering hospitality firms “enhanced support” would “reduce the need” for interest rate increases, UKHospitality (UKH) chief executive Kate Nicholls has stated.

What's in the news 17 March?

Review of the Week

‘Politics back to normal’

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with UKHospitality boss Kate Nicholls to get her take on the week's news, which has seen the Spring Budget announced, Ofgem's letter to Government and potential train strike breakthroughs.

Crisis after crisis: Spring Budget did not go far enough to rebalance catastrophic impact of rising costs (credit: Getty/Ales-A)


Spring Budget 'did not go far enough'

By Rebecca Weller

The measures announced in the Spring Budget “did not go far enough” to “rebalance catastrophic impact” of rising costs across the board, according to trade bodies from across the sector.

More disruption: March and April rail strikes could cost sector £600m in lost sales (Credit: Getty/Marc Scruton)

March rail strikes could cost sector £600m

By Rebecca Weller

Further industrial action on rail and tube services during March and April could cost the hospitality sector £600m in lost sales, trade body UKHospitality (UKH) has stated.

Heart-breaking: late night sector has lost more than 4,000 firms since the start of the pandemic (Credit: Getty/	Flashpop)

Over 4,000 firms lost since start of the pandemic

By Rebecca Weller

The night-time culture economy (NTCE) has lost more than 4,000 businesses since the start of the pandemic and 33,000 jobs, a Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) report has highlighted.

Budget offers puns but no support


Sadly, it's not a joke Mr Hunt

By Ed Bedington

“British ale is warm, but the duty on a pint is frozen” were the words uttered by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the flippancy of his remark sums up the level of care this Government appears to have for the hospitality sector.

Calls ignored: business rates were not mentioned in the Spring Budget (Credit:Getty/mammuth)


Failure to address business rates reform will ‘anger’ sector

By Gary Lloyd

Despite industry-wide calls for reformation to business rates, the Conservative Party’s Spring Budget failed to offer anything new to the under-pressure on-trade, which would “frustrate and anger” the sector.

OFGEM letter: energy regulator finds areas of significant concern (Credit: Getty/	simarik)

Ofgem finds areas of 'significant concern' in business contracts

By Rebecca Weller

Non-compliant energy suppliers must be “held accountable” by the Government and work with businesses to find “pragmatic solutions” to inflated contracts following Ofgem’s letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt yesterday (Tuesday 14 March).

Heart-breaking: NTIA report shows 1 in 4 night-time economy businesses at risk of closure over the next 6 months (Credit: Getty/allanswart)

NTIA warns 1 in 4 NTE firms at risk in next 12 months

By Rebecca Weller

About one in four independent and culture businesses are at risk of “being lost” in the next six months, the second Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) Night-Time Economy Report has revealed.

Make or break moment: BBPA urges calls for 'sustainable plan for growth' (Credit: Getty/mikedabell)

BBPA warns 2,000 pubs at risk of closure

By Rebecca Weller

Some two-thousand pubs could close without a "plan for sustainable growth" in the Chancellor's Spring Budget later this month, the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has stated.

Inflated contracts: Government needs to step in and tell energy suppliers to

Firms ‘duped’ into signing ‘inflated’ energy contracts

By Rebecca Weller

The Government needs to tell energy suppliers to “stop being greedy” and allow businesses to renegotiate contracts after being “duped” into agreeing to “inflated” prices, according to one West Yorkshire-based operator.