Independent Complaints Panel

Portman Group chief said the marketing was too closely associated with irresponsible drinking

RTD brand Four Loko breaks alcohol marketing rules

By Helen Gilbert

Licensees and retailers in the UK have been advised against placing orders for stocks of Four Loko in its current packaging after it was found to break alcohol marketing rules.

Poley: wants new members

Portman Group calls for more members

By John Harrington

Drinks watchdog Portman Group is advertising for new members to join its panel that rules on breaches of the code for responsible drinks marketing.

Poley: surge in demand for help

More drinks firms seek Portman's advice

By John Harrington

Portman reports a big rise in the number of producers asking for their marketing to be vetted — the number of proposals increased 40% in a year.

Carlsberg Special Brew: Does not encourage irresponsible drinking

'Strong beer does not encourage bingeing'

By Ewan Turney

Super strength lagers, whose alcoholic content exceeds the Government's recommended drinking levels, do not encourage irresponsible drinking, according to the Portman Group.