Economic hardship: Operating costs still suffocating the sector despite ease to inflation (Credit:Getty/fcafotodigital)

Sector 'suffocating' despite economy easing

By Rebecca Weller

Operating costs continue to “suffocate” hospitality firms despite a drop in food prices having helped drive the headline rate of inflation down to its lowest level in two and a half years.

What's in the news 22 March?

Review of the Week

'We do it for love, it's certainly not for the money'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser's Ed Bedington met up with award winning publican and campaigner Emma Gibbon of the Plough and the Hewlett Arms to get her take on the week's news, from falling inflation to pub closures.

Significant pressure: BBPA calls for change ahead of Spring Budget amid static inflation rates (Credit: Getty/Zedelle)

Stagnant inflation shows need for 'vital' changes

By Rebecca Weller

Unchanging inflation rates show the Government must make “vital” changes in next month's Spring Budget to “alleviate significant pressure”, the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has warned.

No surprise: UKH urged Gov to mitigate costs for sector to avoid further fuelling inflation (Credit: Getty/The Good Brigade)

UKH: 'inflation rise no surprise'

By Rebecca Weller

Hospitality firms will have “no choice” but to pass further costs onto consumers without “action to mitigate costs”, further fuelling inflation.

How has the pub sector fared in 2023?

Farewell 2023, here's to 2024

By Ed Bedington

There's a strange feeling of deja vu as I sit down to write my thoughts on the year and hopes for the year ahead.

What's in the news 11 August

Review of the Week

'We're cheaper than McDonalds!'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser's Ed Bedington caught up with Revolution boss Rob Pitcher to get his take on the week's news from inflation to late night closures and the opportunities for AI.

What's in the news 30 June?

Review of the Week

Inflation 'is a bit of a worry'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser's Ed Bedington caught up with Oisín Rogers who's about to open the Devonshire Soho, to get his views on the week's news.

Interest rate rise hitting pubs will not tackle inflation


Strangling hospitality demand not the solution to inflation

By Ed Bedington

The idea that raising interest rates to try to curb consumer spending in pubs, bars and restaurants is another slap in the face for a sector that seems to have become the whipping boys for the authorities.

Cliff edge: inflation rates continue to hinder hospitality sector (Credit: Getty/	Ibrahim Akcengiz)

Inflation rates continue to 'hinder' sector

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation rates show “promising” signs but price increases continue to “hinder” the hospitality sector, according to UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls.

Urgent clarity: sector needs Gov support to 'bounce back' in 2023 (Credit: Getty	Charday Penn)

Sector needs 'urgent clarity' to 'bounce back'

By Rebecca Weller

As mounting costs in the hospitality sector make the largest upward contribution to inflation, the sector needs “urgent clarity” from the Government on measures to help businesses “bounce back” in 2023.

Bleak winter ahead: food inflation continues to rise (Credit: Getty/fcafotodigital)

Winter looks 'bleak' as food prices rise

By Rebecca Weller

Winter looks “increasingly bleak” as food inflation accelerated to 12.4% in November, the highest inflation rate in the food category on record, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) index.

Additional pressure: inflation hits highest level for more than 40-years with food prices making one of the biggest upwards contributions (Credit: Getty/	Ibrahim Akcengiz)

Inflation sees biggest increase in over 40-years

By Rebecca Weller

Record setting inflation figures will “undoubtedly cause anxiety” for businesses as keeping costs under control becomes “ever-more challenging”, according to leaders from across the sector.

Cost of doing business: inflation rates dip in August 2022 but food prices continue to rise (Credit: Getty/CharlieAJA)

Food costs rise despite 'positive' inflation dip

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation rates saw “positive” dip in August 2022 but battling continuously rising food prices “vital to tackling cost of doing business”, according to UKHospitality (UKH) CEO Kate Nicholls.

Mounting cost pressures: food inflation hit its highest level in 14 years during August (Credit: Getty/carlosgaw)

Food inflation hits 9.3%

By Rebecca Weller

Food inflation soared to its highest level in 14 years during August as pubs continue to “feel the squeeze from every angle”.

Communicating difficulties: Metro Bank advises SMEs to tell customers why price increases have been implemented (Credit: Getty/ skynesher)

Honesty crucial amid cost-of-living crisis

By Rebecca Weller

Transparency is key for SMEs in navigating price increases as the cost-of-living crisis continues for both businesses and consumers, Metro Bank has stated.

Looming recession: pubs between rock and hard place as inflations exceeds 10% while consumer spending plummets (Credit: Getty/Charday Penn)

No sign of 'let up' as inflation exceeds 10%

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs are stuck between a “rock and a hard place” as inflation and energy costs has continued to soar while consumer spend and confidence plummets, according to trade bodies across the sector.

Foodservice inflation: rates reach double-digit percentage for fifth consecutive month (Credit: Getty/neiljlangan)

Drought 'latest in long line of global food supply threats'

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation in the foodservice sector rocketed to 11.5% in June in the fifth consecutive month of double-digit percentage inflation with drought outside of the UK posing the latest threat to supply, the latest edition of the CGA Prestige Foodservice Index...

Difficult period: BRC warns businesses to prepare for difficult period (Credit: Getty/Luke Chan)

Businesses warned to prepare for 'difficult period'

By Rebecca Weller

Businesses must prepare for a difficult period as fresh food inflation soared to 8% in July 2022, the fastest rate of increase since April 2012, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

What's in the news 22 July?

Adaption will be key to survival

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with Lee Price operations director of the Royal Pier in Aberystwyth for his take on the week's news, from escalating costs to the rising temperatures.

Relentless pressure: CGA data shows foodservice sector inflation hit 10% in May (Credit: Getty/Zorica Nastasic)

Inflation in foodservice sector tops 10%

By Rebecca Weller

Inflation in the foodservice sector topped 10% for the fourth successive month in May, the latest edition of the CGA by NielsenIQ and Prestige Foodservice Price Index has revealed.

UK economy grew 0.5% in May: accommodation and food service activities saw a decline of 0.2 percentage points (Credit: Getty/Peter Cade)

GDP grows 0.5% but sector remains behind

By Rebecca Weller

The hospitality sector saw a decline in May despite the UK economy having grown by 0.5%, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 46

The Lock In Podcast

Lock In season finale - coping with what lies ahead

By Ed Bedington

The second season of the Lock In podcast draws to a close as the team take a look at what lies ahead for the pub sector and seek some expert advice to allow operators to prepare.

What's in the news 17 June?

The MA's Review of the Week

‘Deliveroo, over my dead body’

By Ed Bedington

Hospitality and experience will be key in the fight for the consumer spend according to Sarah Weir as she discusses the events of the week and the market challenges with the MA's Ed Bedington.

UK GDP increased by 0.8% during the first quarter of 2022: ONS figures showed a 0.1% contraction in March 2022 (Credit: Getty/atiatiati)

GDP increases by 0.8% in first quarter of 2022

By Rebecca Weller

UK gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 0.8% during the first quarter of 2022 according to figures released by Office For National Statistics (ONS) today (Thursday 12 May).

What's in the news 29 April

The MA's Review of the Week

Pubs must remain an affordable treat

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington catches up with Anglian Country Inns md James Nye to get his take on the week's news, from inflationary pressures, the return to the "new normal" and tackling the recruitment crisis.

High inflation: Fruit and veg prices skyrocket (Getty/ Gary Yeowell)

Seasonal fruit and veg prices soar by 37%

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Soaring inflation rates have seen seasonal fruit and veg prices increase on average by 37% versus the same period in 2020, revealed data from the Government’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Death by a thousand cuts: as costs continue to rise pubs have been left with no breathing space following Covid and face a tough year (Credit: Getty/sturti)

Hospitality sector entering 'catastrophic period'

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs have had no breathing time following the pandemic as rising costs pose multiple challenges for operators who have survived by “the skin of their teeth” with the potential for a "catastrophic" and "very tough" year ahead, according...

What's in the news 25 February?

The MA's Review of the Week

The economic impact of Ukraine invasion will be felt across the world

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington catches up with Valiant Pub Co boss Gerry Carroll to get his take on the latest headlines hitting the industry, from managing the exit of restrictions through to the impact of war in Europe on the trade.

Cost increase: wholesale food prices are expected to continue rising into the new year and beyond (image: Getty/Yagi Studio)

Food prices set to rise at least 3% by new year

By Nikkie Thatcher

Foodservice prices will be under severe pressure in the run up to Christmas due to rising demand, product shortages and distribution issues, new research has revealed.

Up and down: dairy is a particularly volatile category when it comes to pricing, according to the index

Cost of food continues to fall

By Nikkie Sutton

Raw ingredients prices fell in January this year, when compared with December 2017, thanks to a drop in costs of bread and dairy.

Price rise: there is substantial inflation in the fish category due to rising demand, strengthening of the Norwegian Krone and uncertainty over the UK's future fishing quotas

Foodservice prices rose again in December

By Nikkie Sutton

Wholesale foodservice price inflation rose to 5.1% in December 2017, a sign of continued volatility in the market despite the easing of some pressures, according to the new figures.