Ensure your promotions are responsible and do not encourage drunkenness

Top tips on dealing with drunk customers

By Poppleston Allen

Dealing with drunks is a daily hazard for operators of licensed premises. Aside from issues of health and safety, loss of reputation and potential prosecution, your licence is at risk if you sell to drunks. Poppleston Allen provide 10 tips for dealing...

Police: asking questions of drunks

Police use drunks' evidence in reviews

By John Harrington

Police are using evidence from drunken yobs about where they've been drinking to take action against pubs. Answers are then used as evidence if a pub's licence comes up for review.

Undercover cops in pubs

Undercover cops in pubs

By Tony Halstead

Police are to plant under- cover officers in pubs to catch bar staff who serve drunken customers. Licensees in Blackpool have been warned that staff...