Mast-Jäegermeister has warned pubs that it will crack down on venues 'passing off' its product

Jägermeister targets pubs 'passing off'

By Ellie Bothwell

Mast-Jäegermeister UK has warned it will take legal action against pubs and clubs that repeatedly ‘pass off’ and ‘pour over’ as part of a fresh crackdown.

Only 9% of non-doms received an A+, A or B rating last year

Third of non-domestic properties given low EPC rating

By Ellie Bothwell

A third of non-domestic properties that had an  energy performance certificate (EPC) lodged last year were given a poor rating of E or lower, according to a new Government report on the energy performance of building certificates.

Noise enforcement will probably start with a letter from the ENHO

Top tips on handling noise enforcement notices

By Poppleston Allen

If you run a pub that provides entertainment and there is noise escaping from your premises you may face enforcement from the local authority’s environmental health noise officer, perhaps in addition to any licensing enforcement by way of review. Licensing...


Why are the campaign fanatics being tolerated?

By Rob Willock

The licensee of the Alma in Islington, north London, was evicted last week after a four-year legal dispute with Enterprise Inns. It’s a sad situation that should never have escalated to the point where the relationship between pubco and tenant became...


The Lib-Dems started this, now they have to find a solution to finish it

By Rob Willock

The PMA’s online discussion forums have been rather quiet and civilised of late. That’s partly because we’ve not written much recently about the Government’s proposals to introduce statutory regulation of the pubco/tenant relationship — stories that are...

Licensees must be able to demonstrate a documented system of inspecting work areas at the start and end of each day and at regular intervals throughout.

Legal Q&A: Accidents outside your pub

By Weightmans

Where do you stand if a passer-by injures themselves by tripping over a table outside your pub? In the first of a series of articles on insurance and legal issues, law firm Weightmans provides the answers.

Running a bar pub top tips

8 steps to running your own bar

By Poppleston Allen

You've had enough of your boring job and want to own a bar. You've seen a vacant property on the high street of your local town, but don't know where to start. Here are eight top tips to getting the bar up and running.

Legal Q&A: Children in pubs, kids

Legal Q&A: Children in pubs

By Piers Warne

Licensing lawyer Piers Warne from law firm TLT tackles some frequently asked questions about children and pubs.