Licensed Premises

Closed for good: the research also found over 8,500 venues of Britain’s pre-Covid total have already shut permanently (image: Getty/amstockphoto)

25,000 licensed venues still to reopen

By Nikkie Thatcher

Just under a quarter (23.7%) of licensed premises in Britain have remained closed despite being permitted to reopen for indoor trading.

Rise: food branded pubs are on the up

Branded food pubs

Branded food pubs up 19% in past year

By James Wallin, MCA

The number of branded food pubs increased 19.1% in the year to September – equivalent to more than one new addition everyday - the latest Market Growth Monitor has claimed.

Can drunkenness be judged?


Can drunkenness be judged?

By Graeme Cushion & Lisa Sharkey, Poppleston Allen

The issue of drunkenness and licensed premises rarely strays far from the spotlight in the world of licensing.

Fire safety: There are a number of legal compliance issues


Legal advice: The risk of fire hazard rules

By Poppleston Allen

It goes without saying that there is a very large amount of regulatory compliance, which affects licensed premises. Fire safety is a such an area, which is very important, bearing in mind the tragic consequences that can flow from a failure to comply.

The Keys in Darlington increased its capacity by 10% after carrying out a new fire risk assessment

Only half of pubs compliant with fire safety regulations

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs and clubs have been warned that they could be losing money through out-of-date fire assessments, after a Government report outlined that only half of licensed premises are complaint with the Fire Safety Order.

The council claims a ranking system would 'allow more effective control'

Manchester proposes ranking of 'problem' pubs

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs in Manchester could be ranked on criteria such as the age of customers and the amount of seating — in a bid by local authorities to identify problem venues.

Some operators argue that good quality polycarbonate glasses are expensive

Top tips on pub glassware safety

By Poppleston Allen

Reports of glassing incidents inevitably lead the police, council authorities, judges and politicians calling for a nationwide ban on the use of glassware in licensed premises and promote the use of polycarbonate bottles and drinking vessels. These tips...