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With the World Cup taking place this summer, pubs need to plan their use of TENs

5 common issues affecting TENs

By Poppleston Allen

Temporary event notices (TENs) are useful tools that allow you to extend hours and have additional activities, which may not be permitted by your premises licence. It is going to be a busy year, particularly in terms of sporting events, so knowing how...

EMROs restrict alcohol sales for a specified period between midnight and 6.00am

Action plan for tackling EMROs

By Poppleston Allen

You have heard from a reliable source that your licensing authority may shortly be consulting on whether or not to introduce an early-morning restriction order (EMRO). What should you do? Our action plan lays out suggested steps.

EMRO: even monkeys reject outright...

EMRO: even monkeys reject outright...

By Rob Willock

The early-morning restriction order (EMRO) is one of those nasty, Draconian pieces of licensing legislation that we ignore at our peril.

Duke of York: case seems to be consistent with an increased willingness by licensing authorities to use the licensing regime to control non-licensable activities

Licence reviews: Be aware of activity outside your pub

It is hard to escape Boris Johnson at the moment. Following hard on the heels of the great success of the London Olympics, he is currently riding the wave of popular opinion. But for those in the licensed trade, especially in London, that popularity may...

Late-night pubs and bars could be hit by an EMRO or levy

Get ahead of the game when it comes to EMROs and the late-night levy

By Poppleston Allen

It has been more than two years since the Government announced plans to ‘rebalance the Licensing Act’. I sometimes wonder whether the continual drip feed of consultation papers, draft regulations and partial enactments is deliberate Government policy...

Annual fees and the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act

Annual fees and the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act

By Jonathan Smith

The change introduced by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (PRSRA) from 25 April which will affect each and every licensed premises, is the power for licensing authorities to suspend premises licences or club premises certificates for...

Licensing act changes: Shifting responsibility

By Peter Coulson

It came as rather a surprise to hear the Home Office confirm an April start for some of its radical changes to the Licensing Act. Many of us thought it would not be ready for this, and I still have considerable doubts.

Coulson: pub trade saddled with compliance

Compliance battle drags on

By Peter Coulson

MA legal editor Peter Coulson considers the one-size-fits-all approach to licensing.

CCTV: serious concerns over blanket policies at pubs

Fear over blanket CCTV at pubs

By John Harrington

The UK's privacy watchdog fears police moves to force all pubs to install CCTV risk data protection and privacy breaches.

Coulson: Moving legal goalposts

Moving the legal goal posts

By Peter Coulson

MA legal guru Peter Coulson considers the move to ban late night entertainment in the City of London.