Jeff Bell: Try January 'encourages us to be imaginative'

Try January: A fightback against those harming our business

By Jeffrey Bell

Dry January? Don’t get me started. It’s dressed up as virtuous and a way of raising funds for good cause; in fact it’s a neo-prohibitionist ploy by well-paid executives at political lobbying organisations that masquerade as charities.

MP Andrew Griffiths casts doubt over 5% VAT campaign

Andrew Griffiths MP casts fresh doubt over 5% VAT campaign

By Michelle Perrett

With just weeks to go until Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, fresh doubts have been cast over the effectiveness of the VAT Club and its prospects of securing a tax reduction for the hospitality sector in next year’s Budget.

Beer duty: big issue for the trade

Lobbyist link of MP seeking beer tax cut

David Cameron is facing calls to toughen up rules governing the influence of businesses in politics after two of his MPs were accused of a potential conflict of interest, according to the Sunday Times.

Johnson: wants trade bodies to spend time on the issue

Johnson calls for VAT-cut campaign

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Luke Johnson, the serial restaurant investor, has called on the whole hospitality industry to come together to campaign for a VAT cut.

Thrive on 5%: support grows

CAMRA backs 5% VAT

By Michelle Perrett

The Campaign for Real Ale has put its weight behind Thrive on Five, the PMA's campaign to get VAT reduced to 5%.

Cable: letters from two pub lobby groups

Pub groups lobby Vince Cable

By Lesley Foottit

Two trade lobby groups have written to business secretary Vince Cable this week over instigating a full market review of the sector. Lib Dem MP Greg...

Simmonds: high praise

New BBPA boss hailed for lobbying work

By John Harrington

The new chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has been hailed as "one of the best trade lobbyists of all time".

GMV: tie debate

Master Victuallers to vote on tie fight

By John Harrington

Members of a licensee trade group are to vote on whether to campaign for abolition of the "unfair" beer tie. Guild of Master Victuallers members will...

Last man standing?

Last man standing?

By Matt Eley Matt

There is a definite sense of a changing of the guard at the industry's trade groups. Rob Hayward's departure from the British Beer & Pub...

Pring: support campaign

Join Save the Pub campaign

By Andrew Pring

Darling and his pals have turned the licensed trade into a cash cow of monstrous proportions. Now, more than ever, is the time to challenge that anti-pub ethos, says Andrew Pring.

I predict a riot...

I predict a riot...

By Jon Collins

Hot on the heels of the smoke ban looms the fresh hell of legislation banning provocative music

BBPA: Trade is victim of  stealth tax

BBPA: Trade is victim of stealth tax

By Tony Halstead

BBPA promises thorough examination of industry lobbying tactics as trade comes round to the full reality of the Budget's impact on pubs


BBPA: trade is victim of stealth tax

By Tony Halstead

Trade leaders have refused to blame their lobbying tactics in the wake of one of the biggest ever tax hikes to be heaped on the industry by the...