Lone Wolf

Fiery: BrewDog's James Watt:


Has BrewDog bitten the hand that feeds?

By Daniel Woolfson

BrewDog’s trademark dispute with an independent pub is likely to have upset many beer aficionados. But experts say James Watt’s craft beer behemoth acted the way many companies of its size do to protect intellectual property. Was BrewDog really out of...

BrewDog's James Watt:

BrewDog hits back at pub name debacle

By Nikkie Sutton

BrewDog pleads “please don’t steal our trademarks” in a blog post following the dispute over a Birmingham pub name that left the brewer and pub operator criticised by consumers.

Lone Wolf branding revealed


BrewDog reveals Lone Wolf spirits branding

By Nicholas Robinson

BrewDog has revealed the brand identity of its Lone Wolf spirits arm, which has been designed to help the brewer, distiller and pub operator with its mission to "disrupt the spirits category".

Co-founder James Watt said no other company would have dared to set the bar so high

BrewDog falls £6m short of crowdfunding target

By Emily Sutherland

Self-styled punk brewer BrewDog has raised £19 million through the latest round of its crowdfunding scheme Equity for Punks, falling short of its £25m target.