Market Rent

Sayles: 'MRO will put pubs on an equal footing'

Is the grass greener on the other side?

By Robert Sayles

There’s been a fair bit of scaremongering in the press of late with regard to MRO (market rent only). If we believe the hyperbole then dire consequences lie ahead. Pubco investment will dry up, jobs will be lost and many more pubs will disappear from...

Brigid Simmonds: 'Without ‘the tie’, many much-loved British breweries would have to close'

BBPA urges MPs to oppose market rent only pubs code clause

By Ellie Bothwell

British Beer & Pub Association chief executive Brigid Simmonds has urged MPs to oppose the pubs code clause outlining a market rent only (MRO) option for tied tenants, ahead of the Parliament vote tomorrow (18 November).