A number of pubs are now getting to grips with game

Menu ideas

Game on

By Sheila McWattie

Sheila McWattie looks at seven ideas for game menus 

More operators are looking at goat as an alternative to other meats

Trend Watch

Trend Watch - Goat meat

By Ellie Bothwell

It’s a key ingredient in Caribbean and African curries and has long been seen on menus in parts of America. 

Champion Graham Crump's winning main of lamb kebab and toasted flat bread with pork popcorn

Expert Insights

Expert Insights - BBQ Menus

By Elliot Kuruvita

Elliot Kuruvita looks at BBQ menu ideas from this year’s British BBQ Battle finalists

Pork loin steaks are among profitable menu ideas for bbqs

BPEX launches guide to BBQ menu ideas

By Phil Mellows

BPEX has launched a range of short films aiming at helping pub caterers to come up with some exciting BBQ menu ideas featuring interesting and profitable pork cuts.