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BBPA beer duty freeze

BBPA calls for support for beer duty freeze in Budget

By Michelle Perrett

The chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association Brigid Simmonds has written to MPs urging them to support a Parliamentary motion calling for a freeze in beer duty in the Budget on 20 March.

Picture Gallery: CAMRA Mass Lobby on Beer Duty

Picture Gallery: CAMRA Mass Lobby on Beer Duty

Yesterday saw 1,200 CAMRA members descend on Westminster to lobby their MP about reviewing the beer duty escalator. The PMA has put together a photo gallery of the day's events.

Parliament: where the the Save the Pub Group meeting took place last week

MPs attack Enterprise and BBPA over delays to pubco code of practice

By Gurjit Degun & Michelle Perrett

Version six of the Industry Framework Code, set up to improve the pubco-tenant relationship, is expected to be signed off by the end of 2012 but full implementation is unlikely before the middle of next year, British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA)...

David Morris MP: he has called for a ban in using liquid nitrogen

MPs to debate ban on liquid nitrogen

By Gurjit Degun

MPs are set to debate the prohibition of liquid nitrogen on Friday 30 November after an 18-year-old was seriously injured after drinking a cocktail containing the ingredient.