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Smoking ban: licensees want choice

LVA lobbies MPs on smoke ban relaxation

By John Harrington

A Sussex-based trade body has written to three local MPs urging them to back a bid to relax the smoking ban. The 1066 LVA, based in Hastings, is...

James: not a fan of the beer tie

New BISC MP wants the beer tie to go

By John Harrington

Margot James MP is among new members of the committee that is to scrutinise pubco reform — and said the beer tie should be "done away with".

Mulholland: meeting with John Healey

Mulholland to meet pubs minister

By John Harrington

Pro-pub MP Greg Mulholland is to meet the new pubs minister John Healey to discuss the problems facing the industry. Mulholland, chair of the All...

Claimed charges: Natwest refunded Bally and Lesley Auluk

BBPA assures MPs over direct debit fines

By John Harrington

The BBPA has written to MPs investigating pubcos saying it's "not aware" of its members taking fines directly from licensees' bank accounts.