Michael Kheng

Calls to penalise under-18s that buy alcohol

Calls to penalise under-18s that buy alcohol

By Gurjit Degun

A licensed trade consultant has launched an e-petition calling on the Government to take action against under 18-year-olds who attempt to buy alcohol in pubs.

Pub operator Kheng in dispute with PPL

Pub operator Kheng in dispute with PPL

A multiple pub operator has entered a legal dispute with music royalties company PPL over refunds relating to one of his premises which closed on 1 January 2011.

Kheng: decision to close Kai's Bar Louth for two months

Kurnia closes Kai's Bar Louth

By Ewan Turney

Lincoln-based multiple operator Kurnia Group has closed Kai's Bar Louth — and may not re-open the site. The venue closed on New Year's Day and...

Bright idea: Sandrock in Farnham opened apres ski lodge

Snow brings mixed fortunes for pubs

By Lesley Foottit

The UK's big freeze has brought mixed fortunes to the pub trade as rural pubs suffer and city pubs do a roaring trade. Michael Kheng, of...

Kheng: wants united action on supermarkets

Pub trade must fight the supermarkets now

By John Harrington

Pub company boss Michael Kheng is urging immediate, united action by the pub trade to lobby for minimum pricing to curb cheap supermarket alcohol...

Supermarkets: are they acting responsibly?

Brookes blitz on cheap supermarket booze

By Ewan Turney

A successful pub entrepreneur has called for a trade revolution to blitz the cheap supermarket deals on alcohol. Tony Brookes, who runs nine pubs in...

Kheng: rates rebate success

Kurnia's £36k pub rates rebate

By Gemma McKenna

A multiple operator has managed to secure an impressive £36,000 refund in business rates at four of his bars. Michael Kheng, who heads up the...

by Lucy Britner

by Lucy Britner

A licensing advisor in Lincoln-shire believes he has won the only three 24-hour licences in the county. Michael Kheng, director of Kurnia Licensing...