Police objection: Stockton's Wobbly Goblin bid to stay open until 5.30am (image: Google Maps)


Police block pub’s late-night licence bid

By Nicholas Robinson

Police are obstructing a Teesside pub’s bid to open until 5.30am because of its “violent past”, despite bosses claiming the site now attracts a more “cosmopolitan” clientele.

Spirits: pub company fined

£2k fine for selling watered down spirits

By John Harrington

Pub operator Ladhar Leisure has been fined £2,000 for selling watered down spirits at a Cleveland bar. The firm was also ordered to pay £2,093.85 costs.

Minimum price plans in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough plans minimum prices

By John Harrington

Council chiefs in Middlesbrough are threatening to review licences of shops and pubs selling alcohol below 50p per unit. In a novel move,...

Budgens store manager Chris Edon says juices are rapid sellers in Islington, North London

Pub operator fined £6,000 for dodgy vodka

By Iain O'Neil

A pub operator has been fined more than £6,000 for selling vodka laced with an industrial chemical. Trading Standards officers found tertiary butyl...