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What is a super-premium beer?


Earn more from super-premium beers – here’s how

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs can charge in excess of £5 a pint for ‘super-premium’ beers by emulating the successes of the premium spirits category, Miller Brands’ boss Gary Haigh told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser (PMA).

Miller Brand's Gary Haigh

The Big Interview: Gary Haigh, Miller Brands UK

By Robyn Black

Miller Brands supremo Gary Haigh tells Robyn Black about bouncing back from a double disaster in Poland, how he cannot abide the beer-duty escalator, and why we should blame him for the soggy spring.

Peroni: saw a 22% growth in volumes

Peroni fuels Miller Brands volume growth

By Ewan Turney

Miller Brands, the UK subsidiary of SABMiller, saw lager volumes grow 25% on an organic basis for the six months to September. The uplift was...

Premium status

Premium status

"Worth-more" brands are the key to SABMiller's UK strategy, as MD Gary Whitlie tells the Morning Advertiser After being founded in 1895, South...

Bucking the trend

Bucking the trend

The current plight of the lager market has been covered in some depth on these pages over the past few weeks. One of the big issues for the market...