Minimum Pricing

CAMRA U-turn over minimum unit alcohol pricing

CAMRA U-turn over minimum unit alcohol pricing

By Michelle Perrett

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has been forced to make a U-turn over its support for alcohol minimum pricing after a ruling by members at its AGM earlier this month.


Minimum pricing: It's difficult to speak with one voice

By Rob Willock

It was an interesting coalition of a dozen industry leaders who put their name to a letter published in the Daily Telegraph last week urging Prime Minister David Cameron to stick to his previously announced plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol.

Pre-loading: many young people are approaching a night out differently by drinking more before leaving home

Minimum pricing: will damage limitation work?

By Poppleston Allen

There has been much recent publicity concerning difficulties the UK on-trade is experiencing in competing in a marketplace where most alcohol sold is now consumed at home.


Minimum pricing won’t make alcohol expensive

By Mark Daniels

So I seem to have spent much of the last ten days fending off questions from customers about just what the Minimum Price legislation would mean to them. It’s amusing to watch how a little bit of pub maths and a lot of hyperbole can make somebody’s perception...