Molson Coors

SIBA: food for thought at annual conference

Molson Coors: brewers must unite

By Graham Ridout

Brewer Molson Coors has called for all brewers — large and small — to work together to help boost beer sales. Speaking at the Society of...

Molson Coors: resisted supermarket pressure

Molson Coors says no to supermarket pricing

By Graham Ridout

Brewer Molson Coors has refused to bow to supermarket pressure and sell its brands at prices dictated by the giant retailers. Scott Wilson, the...

Protz: unsure over Molson Coors' move

Let's hope Sharp's is not doomed

By Roger Protz

Molson Coors' takeover of Sharp's could signal the decline of the brewer's ales, says Roger Protz. The £20m takeover of the Cornish brewer Sharp's...

Sharp's: Doom Bar brand attracted Molson Coors

Molson Coors buys Sharp's

By Ewan Turney & Michelle Perrett

Carling brewer Molson Coors has acquired Cornish real ale brewer Sharp's — it said the brewery will stay open.

Carling: Molson Coors' beer brand

Molson Coors training scheme 'benefits pubs'

By John Harrington

Pubs that took part in a Molson Coors beer quality programme saw beer sales rise 7%, according to the brewer. The Pint Right scheme, which began in...

C2: low strength lager set for relaunch

Carling: C2 revived as range expands

By Michelle Perrett

Molson Coors has revealed that next year it will be launching new products under its Carling brand, including a relaunch of the C2 variant, and a new...

Molson Coors is hoping to bring more female drinkers into the beer category

Coors to launch beers for women

By Michelle Perrett

Molson Coors is set to launch a new range of beers in the middle of 2011 aimed at the female market. In a briefing today Molson Coors chief...

Carling: Molson Coors' beer brand

Molson Coors defends 90-day payment move

By John Harrington

Carling brewer Molson Coors has defended its move to extend payments terms for its suppliers to 90 days. The Forum of Private Business today...

Protz: wants more emphasis on ale

Abandoning all hope for ale

By Roger Protz

Global brewers turning their backs on cask are devaluing this profitable sector, says Roger Protz.

Carling: free pint scheme

Carling gives away 2m pub pints

By Lesley Foottit

Carling brewer Molson Coors hopes to tempt one million people back into pubs this summer with drinks vouchers. Two million personalised vouchers...

Carling has taken the decision to protect its margins rather than chase volume

UK volumes dip at Molson Coors

By Ewan Turney

Molson Coors has reported a 10.9% drop in first quarter beer volumes in the UK as a result of its decision to forego low margin volumes.

Blue Moon: served with an orange slice

London launch for Blue Moon beer

By Ewan Turney

Molson Coors is set to launch its North American Blue Moon beer on draught in 100 London pubs and bars this month. Draught Blue Moon (5.4%abv) is...

Charity: price rises could be a game-changer

Molson Coors goes for margin

By The PMA Team

Carling brewer Molson Coors has taken a rather significant — some would say unprecedented — step, says The PMA Team.

Molson Coors: World Cup support for pubs

Molson Coors offers World Cup support

By Ewan Turney

Molson Coors has unveiled its "Be Part of it 2010" campaign to help pubs attract and retain customers during the World Cup. The global brewer is...

Molson Coors has already decreased weight of Grolsch bottles

Molson Coors makes green pledge

By Ewan Turney

Molson Coors has become the first brewer to commit to achieving a more sustainable use of resources throughout the whole supply chain. The global...

Carling: prices going up

Molson Coors hikes prices by 7p a pint

By Gemma McKenna

Molson Coors has announced a wholesale price rise of 7p per pint on all package and draught products, which will take effect in March. This equates...

Cheers! Toast the new year with a beer

Welcome the new year with a beer

By John Harrington

Punch Taverns and Molson Coors have launched a campaign to make beer the alternative to Champagne to see in the new year. Molson Coors has produced...