Claiming back cash: licensees Bally and Lesley Auluk

Buying-out fines taken back by host

By John Harrington

An Enterprise Inns lessee has clawed back nearly £4,000 in fines for buying out after her bank agreed the money was taken without authorisation.

Pring: late payments are a problem

The real cost of late payment

By Andrew Pring

Taking ever longer to pay suppliers is a short-sighted policy and potentially disastrous for the industry, says Andrew Pring.

Ward: forced to close pub

High profile campaigner forced to close pub

By Ewan Turney

High profile lessee rights campaigner Inez Ward has been forced to shut her pub after bailiffs cut off the electricity. Ward, Enterprise licensee at...

Many hosts face big rates hikes

Many hosts face big rates hikes

By Gemma McKenna

Many licensees face big hikes in rates bills this year as the Government has abolished gradual rates increases. Instead, final payment is being...