Michael Kheng: 'Speak to your MP'

Speaking out to MPs helps make your mark

By Michael Kheng

At November’s Institute of Licensing National Training Event in Birmingham, I found the talk by the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP very interesting. She spoke about the importance of the industry engaging with Parliament and Government — and this meant everyone,...

Nuttall with David Cameron: wants freedom of choice on smoking ban

MP's bid to relax smoking ban fails

By John Harrington

An MP's bid to change the law to let pubs offer separate smoking areas has failed at the first stage. MPs today voted against the Ten Minute Rule...

Coulson: dangerous for politicians to be involved in licensing

Politicians' licence to intrude

By Peter Coulson

Politicians becoming directly involved in the licensing process does nothing to address the underlying issue of the binge culture, says Peter Coulson.

Make contact

Make contact

Have you met your MP? Fewer than one in five (17 per cent) of licensees have, according to a recent poll on Proud of Pubs Week is the...

Fight the Hikes!

Fight the Hikes!

By Fight the Hikes

Join the battle to overturn the massive duty hikes promised for the next four years by the Chancellor