National Id Cards

The Queen will deliver her speech today

Government set to outline plans

By Ewan Turney

Formal plans for the scrapping of National ID cards and giving communities the right to buy the last pub in the village are expected to be announced...

ID cards: 10,000 in circulation

10,000 national ID cards in use

By John Harrington

Around 10,000 national ID cards — billed as the ideal ID for alcohol sales — are currently in circulation. That's according to the Home Office,...

National ID cards: to roll-out in London

Requests for National ID cards increase

By Lesley Foottit

More than 23,000 application packs for National ID cards - billed as the ideal ID for alcohol sales - have been requested. The news comes as the controversial scheme is set to be rolled out in London on 8 February.

National ID Cards: controversial

Government 'misled' over national ID cards

By John Harrington

Campaigners have accused the Government and officials of misleading businesses over the effectiveness of new national ID cards for avoiding underage...

Payne: ID needs looking at

Payne: 'It's time for new ID guidelines'

By John Harrington

A trade leader says the industry and authorities should re-think which ID pubs should accept to avoid underage sales. Tony Payne suggested...