Creative: Using leftover pumpkins will help you save money and reduce waste

6 recipe ideas for leftover Halloween pumpkins

By James Beeson

With Halloween festivities over for another year, pumpkins across the land are being thrown out and left to rot. However, There are loads of great dishes pubs can make with this seasonal ingredient.

Life of pie: making the most of Britain's classic dish

The Pie Report

Life of pie: making the most of Britain's classic dish

By Alison Baker

They come in all shapes and sizes, with fillings as diverse as you could wish for, in savoury and sweet versions. So it should come as no surprise to find that pies are a popular option on pub menus up and down the land. Alison Baker lifts the crust on...

Pie sales are on the up - especially if they're homemade

Pie sales rise in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs must capitalise on increasing diner demand for homemade pies, following research suggesting more consumers than ever were drawn to the pub classic.

The new Pidy hard fonçage can be used for both sweet and savoury fillings

New Products

New festive pastries launched

By Elliot Kuruvita

Pastry manufacturer Pidy has launched a new sweet and neutral short pastry range for Christmas.

CQS has launched a new range of Sicilian pastries

New Products

CQS launch new pastry range

By Alex Reed

Continental Quattro Stagioni (CQS) has launched a new range of Sicilian pastries. 

Pies are a pub menu classic and traditional top-seller

British Pie Week 2014: Top tips for tasty pies

By Lesley Foottit

Pies are consistently top sellers in pubs, with many venues have their own signature take on one. Lesley Foottit shares some top tips for tasty pies from pub chefs in the lead-up to British Pie Week, which runs from 3 to 9 March.

The time is pie

The time is pie

Jus-Rol’s hunt for British Pie Week’s Pub Pie Champion 2012 begins this week. Supported by the Publican’s Morning Advertiser. We caught up with the current champion, Craig Hennessey, to find out what makes pies so special for pubs.