Pub entertainment deregulation comes into force

Licensing law

Pub entertainment deregulation comes into force

By Mike Berry

Red tape has been cut for pubs wanting to host live music and community events following changes that came into force on 6 April under the Licensing Act.


10 tips on the Live Music Act

By Poppelston Allen

Never has the law relating to live and recorded music been so complex. Here is a brief guide to the main issues licensees often ask.

Pubs putting on darts tournaments need to check the conditions on their premises licence

The impact of deregulation

By Jonathan Smith

It always makes me laugh when I come out of the school nativity play and the donation buckets rattle at the exit door, with the vast majority of parents either ambivalent towards the collectors or simply too mean to contribute to the collection for more...

Entertainment deregulation: the year ahead

Entertainment deregulation: the year ahead

By Poppleston Allen

Of all the legal predictions we’ve made I didn’t expect one of them to be that regulated entertainment was going to become both easier and more difficult by the end of 2013.

The number of live music venues has fallen

Number of venues licensed for music drops

By M&C Report

The number of venues licensed to play recorded and live music fell by 3.5% and 2.5% respectively in the two years to March 2012, although there was growth in other forms of entertainment over that period.

Live music: not only should you comply with the obvious legislation, but ensure you budget for a PRS licence too

Make sure you have the right music licences at your pub

By Poppleston Allen

The Live Music Act 2012 (the Act) took effect on 1 October 2012. So premises having an on-licence can now provide acoustic and amplified live music subject to certain criteria being satisfied. As we approach the festive season, there will be those of...

Live Music Act: Q&As on pub karaoke

Live Music Act: Q&As on pub karaoke

This is the second article published with the Live Music Act (LMA) 2012 having been implemented today. Last week, we analysed the definition of live music-related conditions, the enforceability of conditions placed on a premises licence after a review,...

Live Music Act: Legal Q&A for pubs

Live Music Act: Legal Q&A for pubs

By Poppleston Allen

The Live Music Act 2012 (LMA) provides that any amplified live music played on premises that are licensed for the sale or supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises is not a licensable activity when the live music is played between the hours of...

From October pubs will be able to host smaller gigs without a licence

Live Music Act: A guide for licensed premises

By Jonathan Smith

So the Live Music Bill became the Live Music Act on 8 March 2012. It won’t come into effect until October, which is a pity for the Royal Jubilee and Olympics.

Ex-licensee to pay PRS £9k in damages

Ex-licensee to pay PRS £9k in damages

By Gurjit Degun

A former licensee of the now-shut Remix Bar in Woking, Surrey, will have to fork out £9,000 in damages to PRS for Music for failing to have a licence to play music for two years.

Pubs wth live music restrictions on their licence will not benefit from new Government plans

Music bonanza warning

By Michelle Perrett

The Association for Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has stressed that pubs with live music restrictions on their licence will not benefit from the government’s plans for deregulation.

'Complicated': Peter Coulson hopes Lords can unravel intricacies of Live Music Bill

Coulson: Dancing to a complex tune

By Peter Coulson

The nature of the Lords' discussion on the Live Music Bill shows how complicated this area of the law has become, writes Peter Coulson.

Whittingdale: campaigning for changes on live music

MPs back live music exemptions

By Gemma McKenna

Twenty-one MPs are backing calls to let pubs host live music without a specific licence for audiences of up to 200 people. John Whittingdale MP, who...

Live music: Government plans reform

No timetable for live music reform

By John Harrington

Live music licensing has not been included in a new timetable for reform from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Live music: concerns over restrictions

MPs to discuss pub live music reform

By Ewan Turney

A Lib Dem Peer will present his view of how to make it easier for pubs to host live music to the Save the Pub Group today. Lord Clement-Jones, who...

Live music: Government plans changes

Pub live music boost

By John Harrington

Pubs with a capacity under 100 could host live music without having the provision in their licence under new Government plans. However, residents...

Venues want live music exemptions

Gov will consider live music exemptions

By John Harrington

The Government would consider extending exemptions for live music to venues with a capacity up to 200 if there was "overwhelming" support.

Miller: Live music campaign

Miller launches live music venture

By MA reporter

Miller Genuine Draft has launched a major new campaign at two Scottish venues providing a weekly platform to showcase emerging music talent from...

Host demands PRS refund

Host demands PRS refund

By Ewan Turney

Licensee has 10 days to compile song list An irate licensee has demanded a refund on his music licence fee because bands that play at his pub do not...