Pint Glass

Jane Peyton is challenging the pint's monopoly on beer glassware

Pint glass puts women off beer

By Laurie Macdonald

A survey released by Friends of Glass shows that the pint glass may contribute to why many women do not drink beer.

Sexism storm: CAMRA's withdrawn leaflet sent to young members for distribution at university freshers fairs


CAMRA must take action on sexism

By Robyn Black

Despite spending almost my entire career as a champion of beer and pubs I am not, nor ever have been, a member of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Price hikes defy logic

Editor's Comment

Price hikes defy logic

By Rob Willock

Pub customers are understandably confused. And so are licensees. And so am I, frankly.

Staff in their 60s outfits at the Hunters Inn

Southampton pub sells pints for 10p

By Helen Gilbert

A Hampshire pub relived the swinging sixties in more ways than one when it served up 10p pints to mark 45 years of being in business. 

Andrew Griffiths:

Cheers to George and this pro-pub Government

By Andrew Griifiths

George Osborne – the beer drinker’s champion. True, not the first thought that might have gone through your mind on the day the Chancellor set foot into Number 11 four years ago. Yet after the Budget last week, I do not think it an exaggeration to say...

Young's has also fitted new pump badges in its pubs

Young's offers free pints to celebrate 182nd birthday

By John Harrington

Young’s, the London-based pub company, is giving away free pints of Young’s beer at its outlets in the capital via vouchers in City AM, Evening Standard, and Time Out, to celebrate its 182nd birthday.

Technology in pubs

How to pour a beer using your just your mind

By Robyn Black

In the same week it was announced that the new iPhone offers “Touch ID,” which replaces the need for PINs with fingertip recognition, I poured a pint of beer using the power of thought.